One on one guidance for your journey from Divorce to Bliss

Are You Feeling Stuck and Unable to Recover After Divorce?

Most people feel lost after divorce, and this is normal. Not only has your daily life been altered and a partner lost, but the future you were planning and working toward is no longer viable. Learning how to handle intense emotions like anger, depression, loneliness and hopelessness is just the start – you also have to learn how to heal those emotions and start rebuilding your new life. In other words, you have to go from the “we” to the “me,” which can be difficult to figure out on your own. In order to metamorphosize you may need guidance and a plan.

Healing Support

Healing from divorce can be challenging and scary. With so much stigma, negativity and fear surrounding divorce many of us do not know how to get started on the journey to healing. I offer individually tailored, positivity-infused plans to help you get on course to healing your body, mind and spirit by learning how to do the work on you, so you can design your new life and find true happiness!

Professional Experience

I am the author of Divorce to Bliss, a Guide to Finding True Happiness After Divorce Through Body, Mind and Spirit. I am also a licensed attorney and was a certified divorce mediator, so I have a lot of experience with conflict and resolution. Personally, I have been through divorce, after almost 30 years of marriage. I committed to doing the healing work and creating a new life for myself, and I am proof that it IS achievable! You CAN do it and I am here to guide and support you as you begin your journey through the dark tunnel into the light…the feeling when you get there is beyond amazing – it is pure bliss.

Coaching Programs

Free New Client Consultation: I offer a free 20 minute consultation to discuss how I can best help and support you through your healing from divorce. From that point you can decide how to proceed, and I will make suggestions as well.

Chrysalis Rapid Healing Plan Outline Program (Two Week Program): We will meet online 4 times for 30 minutes each to create a healing plan outline for you based on your goals and desires, which you will then implement on your own. I am here to support you if you need further assistance at any time with individual 30 minute consultations.

Metamorphosis Intensive Healing Program (90 Day Program): We will meet online for 1 hour a week (12 sessions) and via text or email twice a week to follow up on your progress. Here we dive even deeper into YOU to create your healing plan, set milestones and build sustainability so that you know exactly how to push forward and get past any setbacks. I am here to hold you accountable, help with coping skills, tackle any issues with your program, and change things up in your healing process if needed.

Get Started!

To get started on your divorce healing journey and take the first step toward your new, beautiful life, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your free consultation.

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