How to Heal From Divorce Using Manifestation

If you read my last article on getting ready for manifestation to facilitate healing after divorce, now you're ready to focus on incorporating manifestation into your healing journey and into your life. The vision(s) you create will always be there for you as you mold and shape an incredible new life after divorce.

Manifestation is incredibly powerful if you want to keep on track, heal and move forward in life successfully and positively. It will teach you to make subtle changes to thought patterns and actions that can ultimately lead to finding purpose and true bliss. Without it, you are like a ship drifting on the sea in a windstorm with a broken compass – better to be the sailboat on a breezy, sunny day in clear seas…it's all about perspective!

Let's learn how to use the powerful tool of manifestation to jumpstart the divorce healing journey or any trauma from which you need to heal and become the best version of your self.

1. Commit

Commit to achieving your goal(s). If you have multiple goals, work on manifesting one at a time, so prioritize what you want to focus on first and start there. If many things are desired to be manifested, do not feel overwhelmed. As you take steps one at a time, the others may or may not change, and that's fine. Each step brings you closer to healing and bliss.

2. Create

Create a vision of what needs to be healed. If you want to move on and become happy, you need first to make a list of what will make you happy. Note that this list is fluid and can change, which is the process's beauty. You can also have multiple items on the list, like a new home, job, hobby, or simply feeling abundant and happy.

3. Thought tweaking

Begin replacing self-limiting thoughts and expressions with limitless ones every time you catch yourself. Do not berate yourself when you have negative or self-deprecating thoughts, as this is normal when going through or coming out of a trauma like divorce. Simply pay attention to these thoughts and counter them with positive ones each time you catch yourself.

For example, if you wake up feeling lonely, remind yourself that you are focusing on healing and that once you are there, you will attract a much different potential partner than you could now…so focusing on YOU first will reap amazing benefits. Learn to love being alone, as it allows you to focus on you. If you feel down get outside and notice the beauty surrounding you, and tell yourself that you can create an amazing new life because you are worthy, deserving and strong (see affirmations below).

4. Visualization and meditation

Find a quiet place where you won't be distracted, and close your eyes — sitting up or lying down. Start becoming aware of your breath, and try to focus on that alone. If your mind wanders, it is okay – simply come back to your breath. Envision what it is you want to manifest – what you wrote in your journal or notebook. Work on truly seeing yourself living the life you are creating – in detail. For example, if your goal is to be happy and you have identified what will make you feel that happiness, envision yourself doing, feeling and living that life. Smell the smells, taste the tastes, see the sights around you (a new home, new job, new love partner, etc.)

One fantastic way to help with the vision is to picture a movie screen. On the screen, you see yourself living the life you are envisioning. Picture what you are wearing, where you are living, or whatever is part of the new life you want to create. Be as detailed as possible, as the more you can give life to the movie in your head, the more real it becomes. Once a goal is visible to us, our minds want us to get there. As long as we are using positive thoughts and actions along with our visualizations, we mold the outcome, and that is critical in actually pushing us toward that new life.

You also don't need to limit the visualizations to quiet time with your eyes closed, although I encourage you to do this every day, especially upon waking, as the mind is not filled with "stuff" – anyone can wake up 15 minutes early to spend time meditating/visualizing. Continue to see it and experience it often throughout the day. Even just a snippet reinforces the goal and tells your mind what you want – what you expect.

5. Taking action

Manifestation also involves taking action toward the goal outside of visualization. If you are manifesting a new home for yourself after leaving the marital home, you need to see and feel this, too. Even if you don't know where the home may end up being, once you have created the vision in your mind and pictured the space and how you will decorate it, go and see it. Drive around areas that may be possibilities for buying or renting, and view properties that are for sale or rent even if you are not ready. In doing so, you are telling your mind what you want. If you find a place that truly resonates with you and your goals, start picturing yourself in that place in your mind as you meditate/visualize. Because it is actually tangible, you are telling yourself what you want (even if it is not the place you end up buying or renting).

Use affirmations often as well, and try to do some of them while you are gazing into your own eyes in a mirror. These are positive statements about yourself that tweak your thoughts and make you feel good, and also lead the mind to realize your desires in your new life. Feel your words until they become not a possibility but reality.

6. Incorporating gratitude

If I had to choose one thing that really "did it" for me in my healing journey, it would be expressing and feeling gratitude – all the time, even when I felt down, lonely or challenged. There is always something to be grateful for, and if you don't believe me, be grateful for your breath and for being here. You will notice that as you start expressing and feeling grateful, your attitude changes, creating a profound shift in your healing. If you feel more positive, you are more likely to accomplish your goals, and you will take action to do this. When you catch yourself feeling a negative thought or emotion, stop and write or say aloud 5-10 things for which you are grateful. Make this a constant practice, and notice how you feel.

Manifestation is an incredible tool for healing and making big or small life changes. It is the complete rewiring of body, mind and spirit that will allow us to find our bliss. You can also learn to go much deeper. Enjoy the process!

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